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Nigerian Stocks: Worth a second look

Now that we are almost three-quarters through the year, Nigeria stock market investors might want to take a look at what factors and sectors have driven the market’s performance and

Taking stock of the LDR policy

In 2019, the Central Bank of Nigeria decided to introduce a policy that, in its view, would stimulate the economy while keeping monetary policy tight. A little over two years

Nigerian Banks: H1 2021 Scorecard

The scorecard for the listed banks that have reported their H1 results is mixed.  We believe that it is a matter of timing changes in interest rates and that Q3

Interest rates and banks’ margins

At the end of the second quarter of the year we wrote about how Nigerian banks were moving lending rates in order to accommodate rising market interest rates (see Coronation

Why equities have been so bad

Over the past three weeks, the Nigeria Weekly Update has examined how total cumulative equity returns (returns with dividends reinvested) have outperformed equities this year and examined the best dividend-paying

The World Bank Blueprint

The World Bank does not leave a stone unturned when it comes to examining Nigeria. Many of its recommendations come as no surprise: full harmonisation of foreign exchange markets; removal

Bitcoin and Nigeria

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm over the past year, but Nigerians were alert to the opportunities early on, and data suggests that they are among the most active

Oil prices and FX reserves

One can almost hear the sigh of relief coming from Abuja.  Oil prices are up and the immediate threat to the nation’s foreign exchange reserves has receded. Markets (long-dated bonds

The CBN’s box of tools

Economic growth; inflation; foreign exchange.  These are three of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s key responsibilities, yet prioritising one at the expense of the others can prove costly.  Yet how

Slow GDP points to MPR rate hold

Q1 2021 GDP was reported on Sunday evening and showed the growth rate at 0.51% year-on-year (y/y). This was better than the 0.11% y/y growth of Q4 but Q1 2021’s

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Year Ahead-Re-risking the financial system

Year Ahead 2020: Re-risking the financial system

Oil prices: In a global oil market threatened with over-supply, it appears that OPEC, and its ally Russia, are doing a good job of limiting production.