The Coronation Service Rules

Coronation is a leading financial services platform that is dedicated to helping its clients build financial independence and enduring legacies.

Coronation is a leading financial services platform that is dedicated to helping its clients build financial independence and enduring legacies. We maintain a culture of excellence that is anchored on the values of trust, innovation and leadership.

Our business operation and service delivery model is built on five core principles that we fondly call the Coronation Service Rules. These rules guide our approach to banking, customer service delivery and stakeholder management.

i. Excellent Delivery & Service

We will:

  • Treat customers with respect, courtesy, empathy and fairness;
  • Provide accurate information, advice and guidance, as appropriate.
  • Expect our staff to be motivated, friendly, well trained and knowledgeable;
  • Clearly publicise the opening hours of our branches and Head Office for service
  • Answer queries in full, or refer to another member of staff where appropriate
  • Always track customers’ queries, and ensure they are ‘closed’.

ii. Communications

We will:

  • Fully respond to any e-mail within 24 hours (one working day);
  • Ensure that all customer-facing staff are equipped with the required skills to take customer calls;
  • Ensure that all staff have an active ‘out of office’ reply issued should you send an e-mail when away from the office;
  • Ensure that all correspondence from the Bank are personalised so that the customer knows who it is from, and with appropriate contact information.
  • Ensure all communications linked to formal Banking procedures are adhered to, and within the established timelines of those procedures

iii. Accessibility of Information

We will:

  • Provide on-line information that is clear, available and up-to-date (including full information on transactional fees and charges);
  • Ensure FAQs required for technical support on our channels are made available;
  • Ensure the Bank’s contact details are available on all channels of interaction and on our website as appropriate;
  • Make sure adequate information on products and services and terms and conditions are available through a range of channels (including print, online and social media).

iv. Values

We will:

  • Ensure that the Bank’s ambience is welcoming both in its environment and its culture;
  • Endeavour to meet customers’ individual needs;
  • Provide staff members that are service-focused;
  • Provide solution-focused responses to any queries.

v. Encouraging Feedback

We will:

  • Make it easy for you to pass on your comments, compliments or suggestions about the service you receive in a simple and safe way;
  • Respond to customers’ feedback;
  • Encourage customer feedback so that the Bank can seek to improve its service levels.


As your preferred prosperity partner,  we are committed to making banking simple, swift and seamless for you.  We understand that our role goes beyond providing financial services to becoming a platform for building enduring legacies for our numerous stakeholders.  

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