Whether you are just starting out or looking to take that next step in your career, Coronation Merchant Bank offers you an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and achieve your ambitions. As a leading African financial services platform, we have a wide range of distribution channels in banking, risk transfer and digital services.

Our Workplace

If we want to make banking and other financial services simple for customers, we have to make it simple for the people who provide the service. That's why we believe work should be fun and the people who work with us, should love what they do and most importantly, where they work. Join us, and together we can make financial services simpler for everyone.

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How we work at Coronation Merchant Bank


Finding new and better ways to serve our customers is at the heart of who we are.

Team Work

Our diversity provides us with different perspectives to help us serve customers better.


What we say we will do is what we will do. Our customers know this and always bank on us to do things right.


We help each other establish attainable goals aligned with the needs of our business.

Developing People

Whatever we do, we get it right the first time, all the time.


Our unwavering sense of purpose fuels our commitment to go beyond just providing financial services to becoming a platform for improving lives

Employee Value Proposition

Harnessing the power of engaged and motivated teams is at the core of how we want our business to grow. We recognise that people tend to remain passionate about their work when it motivates and excites them. Therefore, we strive to ensure all our people are exposed to engaging and rewarding tasks that bring the best out in them. In return for the investment of our people make in helping us grow, we promise a rewarding career, an engaging work environment, and a collaborative work culture that drives innovation.

Key Incentives

#An Inclusive Workforce

As a global brand, we have a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity of the customers and communities we serve. Underpinning our strength,

is the diversity of our people which provides us with multiple perspectives in our approach to solving problems and providing solutions. We are committed to driving collaboration, increasing engagement and fostering camaraderie amongst our people.​

#Learning Culture

At Coronation Merchant Bank, we encourage continuous learning across our organization and we demonstrate this by enrolling all our people in formal training in their field, reimbursing eligible professional

certifications, and adopting other structured on-the-images learning programme such as images rotations and mentorship programs.

#Fun to Work

We want people to love what they do - to the point that -work is just like play and play is just like work. Whether it’s a Monday morning or a Friday evening, it really doesn’t...

matter because working with us is fun work.

#Excellent Compensation

We believe that work is not something you do with your life, it’s a part of your life. Therefore, to live your life to its fullest, you must be reasonably compensated for the work you do in helping us grow.

#Other Rewards

Additional benefits awarded to staff based on surpassing agreed targets, length of service, etc

Meet Our People

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