At Coronation Merchant Bank, we see sustainability as a fundamental part of our business strategy and long-term development.


We recognize the interdependence of economic, social and environmental development in ensuring the long-term sustainability of our company. This is why we endeavor to be socially and environmentally responsible even in the course of executing our business activities and projects (and those of our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders).

While businesses are primarily for profit, we are not solely motivated by it. We are also interested in the sustenance of our clients and the communities where we operate, and so, our products and services are designed with this in mind. Our goal is to generate a reasonable profit while being socially responsible.

We embed sustainable banking principles into our culture so that our employees live them. Our human resources policy reflects our approach and supports our long-term business strategy.

Our sustainability principles fall under three strategic areas where we seek to make a difference: Our People; Our Community; and Our Market Place.

Our People

We believe it is our responsibility to foster employee wellness and happiness, doing all we can so that employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs. We view our people as invaluable assets; therefore we endeavour to provide fulfilling and inclusive spaces for them to execute their daily tasks.

Our employee remuneration packages and benefits are competitive. We want our employees to succeed and so create a positive work environment for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Community

We understand that we have a role to play in the social and economic wellbeing of the community where we operate. Our corporate social responsibility strategy aims to build stronger and more inclusive communities.

We also have annual volunteer months and year-round volunteer activities where employees are encouraged to contribute to the social development of their communities.

We plan to be active for a long time and so we believe the growth and development of our communities are important to us.

Our community improvement programs and initiatives target the following areas:

  • financial literacy
  • leadership and capacity
  • community poverty relief


By sharing our responsibility efforts, we hope to create transparency between Coronation Merchant Bank and you: our customers, our neighbours, and our families.

Our Marketplace

Coronation Merchant Bank is committed to a range of social compliance responsibilities. We recognise the difficulties of operating within a large and complex business environment, and we integrate high standards of ethical behaviour into our core business practices.
In lending, we possess a robust system for reviewing and analyzing financial transactions to ensure adherence to ethical trading at all times.

Sustainability in the Banking Industry: The Journey so far

A review of the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles (2012 – 2018)

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