Service Charges And Fees

As your preferred financial partner, we remain committed to maintaining an open and transparent relationship with you. In keeping with this promise, we have listed below full disclosure of our rates, fees, and other pricing dynamics in relation to our service offerings.

Please note that all charges are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) of 7.5%

1Hard Token2,500.00187.502,687.50
2Reference Letter500.0037.50537.50
3Embassy Letter500.0037.50537.50
4Cheque Book (100 Leaves)3,000.00225.003,225.00
5Cheque Book (50 Leaves)1,500.00112.501612.50
6Cheque Book (25 Leaves)750.0056.25806.25
7Legal Search Fee10,000.00750.0010,750.00
8Credit Bureau Check Fee5,000.00375.005,375.00
9Statement Charge20.00/Page1.5021.50
10Confirmation Letter500.0037.50537.50
11Account Maintenance Charges1.00/Mille0.0751.075
12Bank Draft (Managers Cheque) ISSUANCE300.0022.50322.50
13NIP Transfers 
10,000 Or Less10.000.7510.75
50,000 To 1000125.001.87526.875
Above 50,00050.003.7553.75
14RTGS Transfers950.0071.251,021.25
15NAPS Transfers15.00/transfer1.12516.125
17Ebills Pay100.00N/AN/A
18Custom Import Duty0.0003 of the Face ValueN/AN/A
20Unauthorized O/D32% on Authorized ODN/A32%
21FCY Transfers:0.500.03750.5375
22Swift Charge5,000.00375.005,375.00
24Cash HandlingN/AN/AN/A
25LC Issuance CommissionBased on the LC approvalN/AN/A
26Post Neg ChargeBased on accrued interest on balance outstanding for the customerN/AN/A
27Pre Neg ChargeBased on accrued interest on balance outstanding for the customerN/AN/A
28LC Amendment Charge2,000.00150.002,150.00
29Swift Charge5,000.00375.005,375.00
30Form M Charge8,000.00600.008,600.00
31Credit Check5,000.00375.005,375.00
32Prime Brokerage Settlement Fee0.019%(NGN) and 0.05%(USD) of the Face ValueN/AN/A
33Security Custodian Fee0.0625% of Face Value * Tenor to maturity/365days +N100 transaction feeN/AN/A
34All inflows above NGN10,000.00 are subject to Stamp Duty Charge50.00/inflows3.7553.75

For further enquires please contact us via email and telephone 01-2797640-43

Why We Should be Chosen

a. Pricing Excellence –We create an efficient pricing structure that ensures that our clients achieve maximum benefits from our products and services

b. Resource Efficiency – We maximize our resources to the benefit of our clients. Our people, products and networks are at your disposal at all times.

c. Product Platforms – We will adopt the most up to date technological platforms. Our technology architecture is robust and will meet all your needs in a cost-effective manner.

d. International Partnerships – We leverage our networks for best-in-class solutions to your banking needs across geographies.

e. Service Automation – We ensure that through the automation and digitization of our product offerings, we provide clients with a seamless customer experience.

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