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  • The Fundamentals of Factor Investing: An Application to Fixed Income

    The concept of investing broadly covers the purchase or creation of assets with the use of funds or capital in order to obtain a return on the investment, also known as capital gain. It entails the purchase of a financial product with an expectation of favourable future returns. Investment assets comprising equities, fixed income instruments, …

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  • FX policy déjà vu

    Last week, in a surprise announcement, the CBN governor halted the sale of the apex bank’s FX to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators. The statement, and reasons given for the action, gave us a feeling of déjà vu – the CBN did this in 2016. So, we took a trip down memory lane and explored …

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Year Ahead-Re-risking the financial system

Year Ahead 2020: Re-risking the financial system

Oil prices: In a global oil market threatened with over-supply, it appears that OPEC, and its ally Russia, are doing a good job of limiting production.