• Our strategy

    We have a clear strategy based on our competitive advantage: exceptional local knowledge combined with world-class financial solutions


Achieving market leadership by reputation or preference

The sub-Saharan region retains significant potential for growth, supported by favourable long term macroeconomic and demographic factors.

Our robust distribution network and strategic alliances – both regional and international – enable us to provide high quality services across West Africa and beyond, identifying markets and sectors for development.

Our journey towards unparalleled market leadership is driven by a combination of service excellence, product innovation and market intelligence. This is the platform for success that creates sustainable value for our investors.

Creating strong client relationships

Client relationship management in our markets are inconsistent and do not always represent best practice. This presents an opportunity for us. We work continually to gain client insights, developing solutions to meet a diverse range of objectives.

We work to continuously develop skills in the best and brightest people, and we leverage these skills to ensure that the highest standards of client relationship management and professional services are provided, offering bespoke solutions where necessary. We establish connections and relationships at all management levels in each client organisation, and we work hard to maintain these relationships in order to build trust.

Increasing our execution capacity to drive market coverage and penetration

Our comprehensive service offering is based on end-to-end synergies created within the group – we draw on optimised trading, risk management controls, end-to-end internal processes and robust IT platforms to support our business.

With our strong funding base and lean operating structure, we offer highly competitive pricing, driving out cost inefficiencies and providing exceptional value in comparison with our competitors.

In time, our market leadership will support a range of premium and enhanced products and services, supported by our influential reputation and track record.

Developing unrivalled market knowledge

We apply our extensive knowledge of the sub-Saharan region, backed by our in-house research capability, to a range of differentiated services and products that are comprehensive, innovative and closely-matched to client objectives.

We develop in-depth knowledge of all markets and sectors in which we operate, deploying proactive macroeconomic research, investment research and thought leadership.

This enables us to provide trusted financial advisory, accurate market intelligence and intellectual property that are not available to our peers.

Establishing new benchmarks for governance and risk management

Integrity, transparency and high ethical standards are the cornerstones of our business.

We operate a robust risk management framework, backed by a well-defined risk management strategy, philosophy and culture.

We work proactively with regulators to ensure that our standards of governance become the benchmark for our industry.