Public Sector

We offer specialized banking services tailored to the unique requirements of Government entities at various levels such as federal, state, and local governments as well as government agencies and public institutions.

Public Sector offers specialized banking services to clients like the Lagos State Government with collections of the revenue and taxes on behalf of the state. Major accounts include: LASG Consolidated Revenue, LASG Stamp Duty, LASG Research and Development and LASG Land use charge

Our Products and Services

Revenue Collections Services

We collaborate with government tax authorities to provide tax collection services, including tax remittance processing, taxpayer assistance, and tax compliance monitoring. We offer solutions for tax reporting, data analytics, and fraud detection to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tax collection efforts.

Payment processing Solution and liquidity management

We offer payment processing solutions to streamline government revenue collection processes. This includes developing online payment platforms, mobile payment applications, and electronic billing systems to facilitate the collection of taxes, fees, fines, and other government revenues.

Investment services- Call Deposits, Fixed Deposits

We are the prosperity partners for government entities at various levels. We provide our clients with a consistently high-quality experience leveraging our network of wealth experts to curate high-yield investments tailored to match their risk appetite and financial goals.

Customized Financing Solutions

We provide financing solutions to support specific needs of government entities. Coronation Merchant Bank offers loans or lines of credit to finance the implementation of new revenue collection systems, infrastructure upgrades, or technology investments aimed at improving the effectiveness of revenue collection processes.

Public Finance Advisory

There is a need for advisory services on regulatory compliance, financial planning, and strategic decision-making for public sector clients. Coronation Merchant Bank offers expertise in areas such as public finance, capital markets, and debt restructuring to help governments navigate complex financial challenges.
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