Capital Market

We intermediate access to various forms of capital for a broad range of clients. We have been instrumental in raising both debt, equity and quasi-equity forms of financing for businesses and governments. We are duly licensed to operate in both the public and private spheres of the capital market issuance landscape.

We provide best in class capital raising advice and bespoke financing solutions to our clients. We combine the deep sector and financial market knowledge of our investment banking team with the robust capabilities of our distribution team, the unrivalled execution of our securities trading business and our insightful research, to ensure that our clients have access to the most optimal capital solutions required to drive their strategic business objectives

The Capital Markets Group originates, structures and executes public offers and private placement of a variety of equity and equity-linked securities.

Equity Capital Market

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) provide exciting opportunities for long-term, as well as short-term investors to be a part of the most promising companies in the market. Coronation Merchant Bank provides outstanding advisory and issuing house services to private companies seeking to raise capital from the public.

Follow-on Offerings

You can look to us to provide bespoke financial advisory services to our clients. Large corporations, organizations, and even government turn to Coronation Merchant Bank for the sales and trading of follow-on offerings subsequent to an IPO to raise additional capital.

Private Placements

At Coronation Merchant Bank, we understand that successfully raising capital means targeting and reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. We help corporations achieve this by helping them cultivate and foster relationships with High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors while navigating the intricate securities regulations in the market.

Rights Issues

Coronation Merchant Bank operates with the knowledge that cash-strapped companies turn to rights issues to raise capital in order to meet their financial obligations. With this understanding, our Securities professionals offer outstanding services to entities seeking to raise capital without changing the current ownership of their holdings by offering the purchase of additional securities to existing security holders.

Debt Capital Markets

We provide debt capital raising advisory solutions to government, private and public companies through the issuance of debt securities such as bonds, commercial papers and other structured debt securities. We also ensure and execute seamless regulatory filings, identification and engagement of target investors with regards to the issuance of each security.

Our Debt Instruments include the following:


Organizations and public entities from time to time need to raise capital for varying reasons. Due to their low volatility, bonds are a safe option. Our financial advisory division provides our clients with top-of-the-industry advice towards investing in Corporate, Government and Municipal bonds.

Commercial Papers

Our investment team consists of experienced fund managers and can assist you to invest in commercial papers. Commercial papers are unsecured, short term debt instruments issued by a corporation typically for financing short term obligations and working capital needs of companies.

They are low-cost alternatives to bank loans which allow issuers to efficiently raise capital quickly and without expensive Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration.

Equity-Linked Instruments

We provide our clients with information and advisory services to ensure they invest in Equity-linked instruments (ELIs) most suitable to their financial status, investment experience and investment goals. Equity linked instruments are structured to protect investors capital while also providing the potential for an above average return compared to regular fixed income instruments.

Why We Should be Chosen

a. Pricing Excellence –We create an efficient pricing structure that ensures that our clients achieve maximum benefits from our products and services

b. Resource Efficiency – We maximize our resources to the benefit of our clients. Our people, products and networks are at your disposal at all times.

c. Product Platforms – We will adopt the most up to date technological platforms. Our technology architecture is robust and will meet all your needs in a cost-effective manner.

d. International Partnerships – We leverage our networks for best-in-class solutions to your banking needs across geographies.

e. Service Automation – We ensure that through the automation and digitization of our product offerings, we provide clients with a seamless customer experience.

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