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  • Navigating the Capital Market: The Investors Dilemma

    A report on Nigerian Investments For 10 years up until the end of 2019, Nigerian investors and savers had it good. By investing in Nigerian Treasury Bills they could get an inflation-beating return. In 2020 the situation is very different, with yields far below inflation. How should investors and savers react? If risk-free Treasury Bills …

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  • Coronation Research releases report on the Nigerian Investment terrain

    Navigating the Capital Market: the Investor’s Dilemma Lagos, Nigeria – July 13, 2020 Coronation Research today published its report on the Nigerian Investment landscape titled ‘Navigating the Capital Market: the Investor’s Dilemma’. The revolutionary report studies the Nigerian investment scene over a 10-year period and finds how Nigerians have managed to preserve their capital over …

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Year Ahead-Re-risking the financial system

Year Ahead 2020: Re-risking the financial system

Oil prices: In a global oil market threatened with over-supply, it appears that OPEC, and its ally Russia, are doing a good job of limiting production.