Foreign Funds Remittances

Seeking to receive funds from your family, friends, business associate or anybody else outside Nigeria?  Our foreign fund remittance provides a fast and convenient remittance service for anyone overseas intending to send money home.

Foreign Funds Remittances​ ​include school fees payment, dividend remittances, NOTAP payment, Airline tickets, Personal Home remittances, medical fees, subscription fees etc.


  • Duly filled Form
  • Payment Instruction
  • Corresponding
  • Documentations in line with CBN regulation
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Why We Should be Chosen

a. Pricing Excellence –We create an efficient pricing structure that ensures that our clients achieve maximum benefits from our products and services

b. Resource Efficiency – We maximize our resources to the benefit of our clients. Our people, products and networks are at your disposal at all times.

c. Product Platforms – We will adopt the most up to date technological platforms. Our technology architecture is robust and will meet all your needs in a cost-effective manner.

d. International Partnerships – We leverage our networks for best-in-class solutions to your banking needs across geographies.

e. Service Automation – We ensure that through the automation and digitization of our product offerings, we provide clients with a seamless customer experience.

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