Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision: To be Africa’s premier Investment Bank

Our Vision: To be Africa’s premier Investment Bank

We are a fast paced, result driven and innovative organization boldly setting standards of excellence in the Nigerian Banking sector and beyond. Although the Bank is still young, we are embarking on a remarkable ongoing transformation journey that will see us consolidate our position as Africa’s leading Investment Bank. The Bank’s vision requires committed and dedicated people who are willing to make sacrifices to bring the vision to fruition. A guide to understanding the elements of our vision:

Top People

Our human capital is one of our most important assets. Each employee is treated with dignity and fairness. Our recruitment model and brand essence is designed to attract the best talents for each role within our organization. We will continue to provide a stimulating and challenging environment which drives superior performance and career development.

We will recruit and develop skilled and talented individuals who have a track record of academic and professional excellence.

Our people will possess strong academic credentials, affirming their intelligence and ability to learn quickly. They will have a capacity to demonstrate hardwork and produce superior output. Overall, our employees are best when it comes to professional aspects of merchant Banking. We operate a system of participative management that allows each employee to pursue their own career development while contributing to the growth of the Company. We strive to become the best place to work within the West African region.

Service and Solution Innovations

We will be the number one service provider, leveraging on best-in-class human capital to deliver creative and value enriching solutions to our clients, with the ultimate aim of creating sustainable value for the firm.

Strong Risk Management /Governance

We will continuously employ World-class risk management capabilities that balance risk and return We will employ high corporate governance standards that become the benchmark in the industry.

At Coronation MB we will not under any circumstance compromise on sustainable long term growth or good reputation for short term gains.

Market Leadership

We are committed to being the first among peers. We will be the first to develop innovative products and become industry leader in our chosen markets and segments. We will constantly strive to set the pace for others to follow. Coronation MB hopes to be known publicly for pioneering industry redefining initiatives.

The Bank’s innovativeness and creativity will earn it the confidence of regulatory authorities and in the process, gain the attention of international financial organizations and foster partnerships and collaborations with leading agencies, companies and Fintechs.

Our Mission: To be the engine room of Africa’s financial markets

What does this mission statement mean to us? Understanding what it means to win in our chosen markets is the next step to understanding the basis of our decisions. Just as the engine room on a ship houses the source of power – the engine, Coronation Merchant Bank houses the source of power in the investment Banking space; our people and solutions are the power required to revolutionise the Merchant Banking space in Africa.

Coronation MB will therefore be an infl uential player in the market, setting the pace for transactions and all external stakeholders will seek to identify with us. This implies that WE must strive at ALL times to EXCEED our customers’ expectations through continuous learning, innovation and development while we continue to gain customer insight, and seek solutions to diverse customer problems.

Why We Should be Chosen

a. Pricing Excellence –We create an efficient pricing structure that ensures that our clients achieve maximum benefits from our products and services

b. Resource Efficiency – We maximize our resources to the benefit of our clients. Our people, products and networks are at your disposal at all times.

c. Product Platforms – We will adopt the most up to date technological platforms. Our technology architecture is robust and will meet all your needs in a cost-effective manner.

d. International Partnerships – We leverage our networks for best-in-class solutions to your banking needs across geographies.

e. Service Automation – We ensure that through the automation and digitization of our product offerings, we provide clients with a seamless customer experience.

Customer Support

We are here to help you. Find the answers and while you are at it, tell us how we could do better.

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