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S02 Ep01 – DFIs- Driving Growth and Development

Infrastructure deficit continues to hinder economic growth and development across Africa. The Infrastructure deficit has worsened due to rising debt burdens and prevailing macroeconomic trends. In this episode, we explore

S01 Ep10 – Looking Ahead: 2023 in Focus

The global macroeconomic environment was impacted by various trends in 2022, which had trickle-down effects across countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This episode explores the trends that could shape the investment

S01 Ep09 – Greenshoots: GDP growth in focus

Nigeria has recorded positive GDP growth over the past quarters, following its exit from recession in Q4 ‘20. This episode takes a deep dive into the country’s greenshoots and laggards. It also provides recommendations on sectors worth exploring for investments.

S01 Ep08 – Inflation vs Consumption

Rising inflation adversely impacts real earnings which by extension, has an impact on consumption patterns. This episode focuses on consumer behaviour trends. It also highlights strategic steps (from a business

S01 Ep07 – Grains Of Hope For Agriculture

Agriculture is integral for boosting growth, ensuring development and reducing poverty. This episode takes a deep dive into Nigeria’s potential economic backbone. It covers relevant policies, forward thinking solutions, the

S01 Ep06 – Power, In Need Of A Leg-up

The power sector continues to garner interest due to its role as a primary driver for industrialisation in most economies. This episode captures challenges in select areas of the power

S01 Ep05 – Bridging The Infrastructure Gap

Infrastructure contributes to higher productivity, facilitates trade, connectivity and promotes economic inclusion. This episode captures challenges and solutions to infrastructure development in Nigeria from demand and supply perspectives. The conversation

S01 Ep04 – A Glimpse Into The Fiscal Purse

This podcast will focus on Nigeria’s fiscal landscape. A review of the performance of the previous year, 2021 and the discussions around the current year, 2022. Given its impact on

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Year Ahead-Re-risking the financial system

Year Ahead 2020: Re-risking the financial system

Oil prices: In a global oil market threatened with over-supply, it appears that OPEC, and its ally Russia, are doing a good job of limiting production.