• Sustainable banking

    We are committed to managing our impact on society

We recognise the interdependence of economic, social and environmental objectives in ensuring the long-term sustainability of our company. Thus, we review our business activities (and those of our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders), to ensure that all actions are socially and environmentally acceptable.

We design our products and services to meet the needs of people and businesses, and to safeguard the communities in which we operate. We aim to generate reasonable profit, but this is not a standalone objective – our decisions are not based purely on financial criteria.
As leaders of transparency and governance in banking, we maintain active relationships with our wider stakeholder community – not just with our regulators and shareholders.
We embed our sustainable banking principles into our culture so that our employees live them. Our human resources policy reflects our approach and supports our long-term business strategy.

Our sustainable banking principles focus on three areas where we seek to make a difference: 

Our people

We provide a working environment for our employees that is wholly conducive to sustainable banking.
We provide a level playing field with room for professional development and progression, a good work/life balance, competitive remuneration packages, health benefits programmes and equitable recruitment processes.
We ensure that all our employees have the best opportunities available to prepare them for their ongoing career development and their futures. 

Our community

We believe that Coronation Merchant Bank should serve and support the communities in which we work.
Our community investment programme aims to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of these communities. Wherever possible, we establish deep connections over time.
We encourage employees to contribute to the social development of communities through our annual volunteer months, in addition to year-round volunteer activities. We support initiatives that improve:
  • financial literacy
  • leadership and capacity
  • community assistance/poverty relief
Where appropriate, we engage with our clients and other stakeholders – assisting them to become more sustainable themselves by understanding their activities and how they impact the local economy and culture.

Our marketplace

Coronation Merchant Bank is committed to a range of social compliance responsibilities. We recognise the difficulties of operating within a large and complex business environment, and we integrate high standards of ethical behaviour into our core business practices.
In lending, we possess a robust system for reviewing and analyzing financial transactions to ensure adherence to ethical trading at all times.