• Our core values

    Everything we do at Coronation Merchant Bank is guided by our core values



We demonstrate innovation by developing solutions to diverse customer problems, differentiating ourselves from competition with creative products and service offerings, and proactively initiating change and improvement measures. 


Through teamwork, we build corporate intelligence, increase efficiency, enhance performance and bring diverse capabilities to bear from our wide range of professional expertise.

We hold the interests of the team above those of the individual, while showing mutual respect for all employees and sharing information throughout the organisation. 


We demonstrate a high level of integrity by being ethically unyielding and honest – inspiring trust through unambiguous communication, matching behaviour to words and taking responsibility for actions.

Our operations are transparent and always comply with all regulations and applicable laws. 


We are tenaciously determined and disciplined in ensuring that the client agenda is achieved, holding ourselves to the highest possible standards. We strive to do so through our passionate and painstaking attention to detail.

Our vision to transform Coronation Merchant Bank is a continuous journey. Every employee is expected to understand the importance of serving with excellence, whether this is dealing with a client’s query, manning the gates or working at the service counter. 

Developing people

We are committed to continuous growth and career development, and equipping our people with the right tools and experience that enable them to provide solutions. This principle is applied at all levels and across all functions. 


We achieve clear market leadership by challenging the status quo. We are the catalyst for change industry-wide. We will be the first to embrace all things worthy, and sometimes the only.