• Who we are

    We are on a journey to become Africa’s premier investment bank

We are a Nigeria-based investment bank that provides innovative, long-term financial solutions to corporations, state governments and other financial services organisations.

We offer services and products in corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management, asset and fund management, global markets, securities trading and trust services.

Our history

Our bank was initially founded as Associated Discount House Limited (“ADHL”) in 1993 by a consortium of reputable financial institutions. ADHL, which was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide liquidity for sovereign debt notes and money market instruments, became a leading financial services institution, thriving throughout the tough period of the Nigerian economy. In 2011, a new leadership emerged at ADHL, signaling a new beginning for our bank, posting consistent growth across all metrics and turning the industry challenges to opportunities. In 2013, our transition to a merchant bank commenced which culminated in obtaining a merchant banking license and an FX dealing license in 2015. With both licenses, Coronation Merchant Bank assumes the heritage assets, strong credit rating of ADHL and brings alive a new force in the Nigerian banking industry.

Our strategy

We have a clear strategy based on our competitive advantage: exceptional local knowledge combined with world-class financial solutions.

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Our vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s premier investment bank.

We are a fast-paced, results-driven and innovative organisation, setting new standards of excellence in the Nigerian banking sector and beyond.

Our journey is taking us on a transformation towards becoming Africa’s leading investment bank.

Our core values

Our core values - Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Developing people and Leadership - guide everything that we do at Coronation Merchant Bank. 

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Our brand

Our brand communicates our vision, ambition and inner strength.

The lion is a widely recognised symbol of Africa, yet it also typifies courage, leadership and intelligence. Just as the lion is considered “King of the Jungle”, we intend to become the leader in our field.

Our aim is to ensure that Coronation Merchant Bank becomes a respected, well-known and trusted brand within the African financial services industry.

Our brand is supported by core values centred on innovation, integrity, service excellence, teamwork, leadership and people development. Our ongoing commitment to these values will enable us to deliver on our vision.

Sustainable banking

We are committed to managing our impact on society. We review our business activities (and those of our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders), to ensure that all actions are socially and environmentally acceptable.

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Track record

Our history goes back 22 years, commencing with Associated Discount House, which steadily grew its reputation for core activities, such as treasury services.

We have accumulated a track record of significant deals as financial advisers and stockbrokers for corporations, state governments and other financial services organisations.