• Global markets and treasury

    We trade in financial instruments across various asset classes, including fixed income products, foreign exchange and other currency solutions

We offer our clients a wide range of flexible, liquid investment and trading options to suit their needs, including brokerage accounts with online trading capabilities. We provide relationship managers, who serve as custodians of accounts, if required.
Our products are designed to be highly flexible, meeting a range of client requirements. Depending on their objectives and attitudes to risk, we will propose the most suitable financial instruments.

Fixed income & money market

Our fixed income products are a set of lower risk investments, including treasury bills, bonds and negotiable certificate of deposits.


We offer high-yield USD accounts and domiciliary accounts, providing clients with options for foreign currencies and hedges against FX fluctuations.
Our rates for these services are highly competitive and contracts for certain products can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements.


These currency solutions are often based on future price movements of assets and provide clients with an effective means of hedging risks. We offer forward contracts and swaps, amongst others.