• Our people

    We are on a transformative journey towards becoming one of Africa’s leading investment banks, and we require committed and dedicated people to help bring our vision to fruition

We are a fast-paced, results-driven and innovative organisation – setting standards of excellence in the Nigerian Banking sector and beyond.

Learning and development

We understand that our people’s success is our success, which is why every employee is provided with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for performing their roles.
By developing our employees, we are better equipped to face the challenges of today and those of the future. For these reasons, we continuously invest in a range of learning and development opportunities.

Training and development

We partner with leading local and international organisations to assist our employees in meeting their professional goals, in addition to the wealth of experience developed through on-the-job training.
For senior management employees, we partner with top global organisations, including Harvard Business School, London Business School and IMB. Mid-level employees have the opportunity to attend training courses run by institutions such as Euromoney and Citibank. 
We also partner with international organisations to prompt knowledge sharing on best practices and emerging standards. 

Personal development

We provide our employees with ongoing development through job delegations and enrichment. They are encouraged to pursue excellence at their own pace, and to benchmark their competencies against people both within and outside of our company. 

The Coronation MB Way

Our practices and culture are known as ‘The Coronation MB Way’. This informs our policies, standard operating procedures, guidelines, handbooks and other internal processes, which reinforce our vision, drive best practice, ensure robust governance and support our pursuit of excellence.
Our employees have a duty to absorb ‘The Coronation MB Way’, and to ensure that it is reflected in their dealings with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.