Coronation Research issues 2019 Economic Outlook for Nigeria

A Tale of Two Halves

Lagos, Nigeria

In its 2019 economic outlook report titled “A Tale of Two Halves”, Coronation Research – industry-leader and a subsidiary of Coronation Asset Management Limited – believes the narrative for the Nigerian economy in 2019 is largely hinged around the performance of oil.

Speaking on the report, Guy Czatoryski, Head of Coronation Research said: “We forecast an average US$58.00/bbl for 2019. An average much below this means the CBN will have to keep rates very high and could even challenge the Naira / US dollar exchange argument. An average much about US$60.00/bbl means the CBN will have confidence its reserve position, and will be able to cut rates later in the year, in Q4, less likely Q3.

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