• Graduate training programme

The Coronation Merchant Bank strategy is to develop talent and create future leaders for the Bank, led by a comprehensive and robust Graduate Training Programme. 


We place very high value on human resource development. Thus, our Graduate Training Programme:

  • builds global talents locally, and raises a new generation of leaders for the Bank and the Nigerian economy
  • establishes a strong, knowledgeable human resource base for the continuity of our company
  • complements the company’s succession management strategies in leadership.

The Graduate Trainee Programme framework

Our framework is designed to foster the holistic development of graduates in preparation for joining our company. 


The Graduate Trainee Programme is a 12-month learning programme, which includes broad-based organisational learning across functions, on-the-job-learning, corporate/soft skills development and culture management.

The programme runs in three stages:

Class work (four months)

In this phase, trainees are introduced to the business of banking. This includes core banking and soft skills courses. Over the span of four months, trainees complete seven modules that cover all the learning areas required in our competency matrix.

Job rotation (six months)

This phase involves internal on-the-job rotation with two months each in different businesses within the Bank. This ensures that trainees are given adequate time to apply the concepts that they have learnt in real-world job scenarios.

Class work (two months)

Trainees return to the classroom and are taught five modules of targeted training in corporate banking, investment banking, banking operations, treasury (securities trading) and asset/investment management. This timeframe also includes report generation, assessment, graduation and a holiday.

Programme faculty

The programme serves as an opportunity for faculty members to give back to youth development and to society at large.

Mentorship programme

A mentorship programme for the trainees will run concurrently during the 12-month period. Mentors are employees of the company who meet a specific set of mentorship criteria.


After completion of the programme, a graduation ceremony for all trainees will take place. At this stage, successful candidates will be assigned to various departments based on their performance. All successful candidates will begin working at the anyalyst level, with the exception of the best graduating student, who will begin as a senior analyst (depending on his/her grade). 


Where a trainee exits before the completion of the programme, he/she will be expected to refund the estimated cost expended on him/her for the programme duration. This includes (but is not limited to) the cost of recruitment, training and salaries.

Eligibility requirements and criteria

To be eligible to apply to Coronation Merchant Bank’s Graduate Training Programme, candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • graduation from a reputable Nigerian or foreign university
  • a bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • a minimum grade of Second-Class Upper Division (2:1)
  • completion of the NYSC programme
  • be 23 years old or below at the time of application for the programme
  • candidates with a master’s degree should be 26 years old or below.

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